The soul has greater need of the ideal than the real for it is by the real that we exist, it is by the ideal that we live

Friday, December 4, 2009

HGF, Friday, and cooold!

It's 16 degrees. I was not prepared to know that so soon. Certainly not to feel it like I will in about half an hour when I leave.

Busy day, time at the grocery, then a quick long drive to the university for a faculty meeting,then back to the city for martini's and dinner with friends. Thanks God I have tomorrow with nothing to do.

Was gonna buy wii's for the nephew and niece for their families this Christmas, but the place with the best price just sent me a "special Offer" which was higher than the price I've been balking over the last two weeks. Back to the drawing board.

the computer has some weird problem, every time i leave it for any length of time it won't get online. The "work offline box gets mysteriously checked, and I have to reboot the computer ans reset the modem and router. Sounds like it's virus rime again...shit.

Some woman was on Towleroad this morning weeping because marriage equality didn't pass in New York state. Did she expect that it would? Seriously? Simply put, those that do not want us to have equal rights are large enough in number, and well enough organized to prevent it. We must either defeat them at their own game, and good luck with that as apathetic as people are nowadays, or find another way. Going at them head to head with the intention of beating them at their own game is NOT going to work. Why is this a mystery?

did I mention that imnow official, that the birth certificate arrived on Wednesday? I'm so happy. Of course, I'll be on here bitching next week when I start the process of going to social security, the dmv etc, cause I assure you they'll not be as helpful as they could. Well, not all of them anyway.


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