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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

And the readers of Cnn.Com don't disappoint

Would you be willing to undergo an airport "full body scan"?
This is not a scientific poll
Total votes: 225134
This is not a scientific poll

We're a third world country now folks!

have you heard the cattle calls at the airports?

"Shoes off! Cell Phones off, everything through the scanner!"

Now here's the rub. I intend to start traveling internationally this year.

I've been invited to Ireland, Puerto Rico beckons once again, and there's still the rest of Europe to see.

These places are not easily reached without air travel. So against my better judgment, and certainly against my will to suffer fools, I will at some point line up at the post to be herded into a tube that may or may not contain a person intent on making a statement by talking me out with them in some grand gesture.


Sitting here watching it snow, all that seems far far off. On top of the many inches we got Christmas eve last night we got several more. It's still spitting a little and since I've got coffee and a fire going and nowhere I have to be, I'm staying in. I do need to get out a little and buy a bottle of champagne for tomorrow, but that's easy.

Last night I stumbled on a showing of a tv movie of Caryl Churchill's A Number on Showtime. It was wonderful. I stayed up way later than I should have, but I couldn't leave the room! The script is, as almost always with Churchill for me, a tough read, but the disjointed conversations Tom Wilkinson's character has with his "sons" are amazing in their simplicity.

Oh! The trip to change the driver's license was uneventful and it's done. Now I get to start with the credit cards. oy! I haven't screwed my courage up for that project quite yet. I shouldn't worry about that one. Somewhere in there I get to have all my degrees re-issued with the new name and make sure my transcripts are changed.

And so it goes:


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